Walking The Floor Over You

Tonight I tried to finish a piece I have been working on and abandoning and working on since before Thanksgiving.  But I failed. So I thought I’d better say something before I disappear.

So I’ll just say this:

Saw this movie last night. Not too long ago I saw this movie. You’ll have to excuse me if I have bigger things on my mind than one little page tucked away in the infinity of the internet. (Like how many other artsy sci-fi informed movies about women with mental illness are there? Enough for a Netflix recommendation genre?)

No but really,  I started a job which, though only part-time, really cuts into my sit around all day reading and writing routine. First there is the twenty hours per week I am actually at the job,then the nearly eight hours spent in transit to the job, plus the forty hours needed to sleep in order to perform the job and lastly, at least one happy hour to get over the job.

But, I’ll be back. Don’t you worry. I’ll be back.






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